Medi Therapie focuses on natural detoxification, regeneration, and rejuvenation for reclaiming your health. We use concentrated plant-based nutrition with alternative bio-energizing therapies, and have helped individuals struggling with the debilitating effects of stroke, cancer, diabetes, and pain.


Know the Different Types of Vibration Therapy and Benefits

You’ve seen the roadshows at the shopping malls–pop-up retailers selling vibrating massage chairs and standing vibration plates. These machines are supposed to help with general health wellness, weight loss, and light exercise. For time-starved and aging individuals, or those with muscular or degenerative issues, vibration therapy can provide the benefits of passive exercise, such as…


New Vibration Therapy and Brainwave Entrainment

Medi Therapie has expanded its therapy services with whole-body vertical vibration therapy. The vibration machines at our Kim Keat Road centre can be enjoyed in with these four following devices, which all work on stimulating your lymphatic system and blood circulation, encouraging weight loss and providing passive exercise for those with strength and mobility issues.…