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It isn’t pretty, but this is what our in-house water filtration system removed from our Singapore tap water in just 3 weeks. (You’re looking at the contents of a glass jar. The 50-cent and 10-cent coins are under the jar for to give you the idea of size.)

This is the water we put into our bodies every day and that puts stress on our organs. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out some of the many factors of why kidney failure rates are on the rise in Singapore.

Just because we’re not in Flint, Michigan doesn’t mean we’re in the clear!

Many serious chronic ailments take a long time to build up. Maintaining our health should be easy–eat healthy, drink clean water, breathe deeply, exercise, keep stress manageable–but the odds are stacked against us if each of these are actually sabotaged by hidden toxic burdens on our physical and emotional health.

Are we really making sure we’re in an environments that supports our health on all levels?