Medi Therapie provides genuine, holistic health solutions badly needed in our stressful, urban lifestyles and with our diets lacking in rare nutrients and fresh, organic produce. Stress, combined with a lacking diet and polluted environment, accelerates our wear-and-tear and increases our chances of serious illness and disease.

But good health is still achievable, and it’s never too late to reverse the damage of stress and accelerated aging.

siva_in_Japan_croppedHow Medi Therapie was Started

Founder Arut Siva is a bio-energetics wellness specialist who has been researching the body’s own healing powers since 1999. He learned through his own experience that stimulating our bodies’ natural regenerative and corrective processes can generate amazing results far beyond what traditional medicine can accomplish.

He integrates health assessments and therapies from all over the world into the unique system of healing he has created.

Our Holistic Health Approach

Medi Therapie focuses on enhancing your health by combining the latest innovations in complementary health with ancient Eastern natural healing principles. Our protocols help activate your own innate healing mechanisms through detoxification and drainage, immune-strengthening, advanced nutrition, and cellular regeneration.

We use diagnostic tools and therapy devices that are quick-acting, unique, advanced, non-invasive and completely safe and effective.

When combined with a personalised prescription of high-quality nutraceuticals, and dietary and lifestyle changes, you’ll witness your body’s own self-healing powers bring your life into complete balance and total health.

We Can Help

There’s no reason to suffer pain and discomfort, stiffness, immune system conditions, diseases, or serious illnesses.

Whether it’s pain management, diabetes, or stroke treatment; asthma, bronchitis or other respiratory ailments; knee, neck or back pain; our therapies have brought life-changing positive results.

A pain-free, disease-free life is possible.

For every ailment, there’s a natural, holistic and bio-energetic solution, and we can help you find it.

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