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New Oxygen Therapy & Recent Testimonials!

We have our oxygen therapy machine! This is now a therapy that our clients can enjoy at the same time as two of our other therapies, and it’s already been getting a great response from people who see immediate benefits to pain relief. Make sure you call for your own appointment: 6883-2345.

To see some of our recent written testimonials, click through for the images.

Luke Elijah Interview

Video Interview on YouTube

The man behind Medi Therapie is interviewed by Luke Elijah for this YouTube video! Dr Siva explains the philosophy behind MediTherapie. It’s really all about lifestyle, working with nature, and taking responsibility for our health and our education. How do our thoughts and beliefs also influence our health? Many thanks to Luke Elijah for the…

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What’s New at our Centre

  We’re making it easier for you now to find us and know what we do! This is our new window decal at our Balestier location (44 Kim Keat Road). Our FaceBook page is also becoming more active with posts related to Singapore news and health findings that can benefit you. You can expect some changes to…