In addition to looking at your history of diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle, we focus our efforts around four primary diagnostic tests:

Voice Analysis

Aquera Voice Analysis

A live voice recording of only a few minutes can measure your personal, emotional and physical state of being.

The VA System analyses patterns in voice frequencies to provide a deep view into the person’s range of emotions and impulses.

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Electro Photonic Imaging


This scientific tool measures the energy field around you to see where there are disturbances. All things are surrounded by energy fields, and disruptions in this field cause issues, illnesses and other problems. With this test, we can locate the fluctuations, enabling us to treat them early before they become more serious physical issues. More info

Full Body 3D Advanced Imaging

Simple and painless like the other scans, this advanced imaging test is based on the idea of bio-impedance and clearly shows where things are amiss in just about any system of your body. Once we’ve seen the problems, we can help you correct them through therapy, lifestyle changes and more.

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Heart Rate Variability

A bit harder to understand than the other tests, this exam measures the length of the pauses between your heartbeats. The gaps should vary, but some conditions cause gaps to become more or less uniform than they should be, creating disease, discomfort and more. With this test, we can determine with certainty if your heart rate variability is as it should be. More info

Our Combined Assessment Package

Our Combined Health Assessment Package includes all four diagnostic tests for SGD $300.

Pre-booking is required. Please call 6883-2345 to schedule.

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The Difference is Quality

Other companies may offer similar-sounding tests but will do so with older, less sensitive equipment. Our top-of-the-line tools ensure a more accurate diagnosis. This is essential to successfully correcting your health and wellness issues so you can return to your normal, productive life.

Don’t suffer in silence, and don’t wait. There are solutions.

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