When you can see the problem, you can find a solution. Identify the disruptions in your magnetic field to understand what needs to be done next.

electro photonic imagingIf you’re experiencing physical or emotional pain, disease, or problems of any kind, there is a disruption in the energy field that surrounds your body. Now it’s possible to see that field, measure it and take action to make your life better.

With Electro Photonic Imaging, see what’s going wrong with your magnetic energy so Medi Therapie can work to correct it.

Understanding Electro Photonic Imaging

Developed by a Russian physics professor in 1995 and previously known as GDV, Electro Photonic Imaging is technology that can measure the energy field surrounding water, crystals, essential oils, plants – and more importantly, you. It’s a scientific tool that allows both patient and practitioner to see where there are fluctuations, and work to correct them.

Once the problems are located, they can more easily be overcome. That includes such important long-term health issues as the negative effects of stress, blocked energy and buildup of toxins in your body. But only when the areas of energy disturbance are located, is it possible to formulate an effective treatment plan. Even better, Electro Photonic Imaging can be used again and again to see if the therapies are working.

Let’s Take a Look

Many human emotional and physical problems are caused by upsets in critical life energies. There’s a way to overcome every issue. First, however, it makes sense to take a look at the problem and measure its severity.

Let us take a look at your personal energy fluctuations so that we can work to fix them effectively. At Medi Therapie, nothing is more important than helping you reach wholeness and complete wellness. The Medi Therapie commitment to you starts when you contact us for your first appointment.