See your body in the most technologically advanced way possible. With enhanced analysis offering more complete information, wellness improvement therapy is carefully targeted, generating exceptional results.

If you feel there’s something wrong with you but can’t pin it down, help is available. And if you have specific, chronic health issues that plague every day of your life, there’s a way to take care of the matter, restoring your body’s harmony and your life’s balance. But first, it’s important to know exactly what’s happening.


The Electro Interstitial Scanner sends painless electric signals of low intensity (1.28V D.C.) through the human body.  The scan has no negative effects on the patient and is recorded by the E.I.S. software, which analyzes and interprets the test data to produce graphs and digital 3D models of the body and organs. The models are color-coded to indicate where areas of imbalance are hyper-functioning or hypo-functioning.

With Full Body 3D Advanced Imaging, you can see the causes of your difficulties, making treatment more efficient and more likely to work.

Understanding Full Body 3D Advanced Imaging

Based on the principle of bio-electrical impedance, Full Body 3D Advanced Imaging shows you where there are problems in almost every system of your body so you can take action to correct them. After a simple and painless scan, you’ll be able to see metabolic and endocrine activity, electrolyte balance, organ condition, digestive and immune system health, cardiovascular system health, and more.

Full-body imaging takes a whole-person approach to solving diseases, conditions and issues of all types. Once the imaging is complete, Medi Therapie can recommend the best actions to restore total health, making you feel like you again.

See the Whole Picture

There’s no reason to suffer from mystery illnesses or worry about problems you may not have. Therapies are available that can help you bring your body back into alignment for maximum health. But you need to know where the problems are first.

Contact Medi Therapie today for more information, and to arrange an imaging session. You’ll feel better just knowing you’re taking action.