Stress, disease and other difficulties of daily life can impact your heart. When you understand your heart rate variability, you understand your overall health better.

The stresses of daily life can be extreme. Anxiety builds and builds the longer you go, unable to solve all of life’s problems. This could certainly be adversely impacting your heart. And how would you know before it’s too late? Your heart is far too essential to neglect. In fact, you need to do everything you can to protect it.

Fortunately, you can find out how variations in your heart rate interval adversely affect your overall health. Then you can take action to get your life back on track.

Understanding Heart Rate Variability

Measuring Heart Rate Variability – or HRV – is easy, and it’s a powerful indicator of overall health. Your heart rate should vary over time depending on what’s happening in your life and how your body is functioning. But variability can also increase or decrease when certain problems are present in your life. By having your heart rate analyzed, you can learn important information about your autonomic nervous system – this controls your heart and breath rate, your glandular secretions, and your gastrointestinal tract.

Careful analysis of your HRV by an experienced practitioner at Medi Therapie can help you identify and fight elevated stress, depression, weight problems, anxiety, anger and many other conditions. Your HRV analysis can also help predict mortality.

Get to the Heart of Your Issues

Professionals in a variety of fields use HRV to help their patients understand and improve their overall health, and Medi Therapie can help you using HRV too. Testing is simple and painless.

Call 6883-2345 or use our contact form to schedule your HRV analysis. We’ll help you find a solution to your chronic health issues, fatigue and more.

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