A live voice recording of only a few minutes measures one’s personal emotional and physical state of being.

Aquera Voice AnalysisThe VA System measures with the most advanced computer technology and analyses patterns in voice frequencies, which provide a deep view into the person’s range of emotions and impulses. That makes The VA System the most revolutionary system for analysing the person behind the voice.

The voice analysis will include a report on the dominant emotions, character traits, stress, energy levels picked up from an individual’s voice recording. This requires a short visit where you’ll be asked to speak for a few minutes into a 3D microphone. An even more detailed and comprehensive analysis will pick up stress areas, physical weaknesses, and diseases that may be present within the body. A basic voice analysis provides a deep view into the person’s range of emotions, personality and impulses.

VA connects vocal vibrations to emotions, brain areas and brainwaves. The program defines vibrations that vary in strength or tone from the base of one’s voice as “triggers”. The voice has millions of triggers and from these VA has mapped out 3000 key triggers.

The results will be useful to those interested in holistic diagnostics (and/or coaching) that include insight into a person’s current emotional states and thinking processes.

Example Screens of the Program Interface

Voice Analysis Interface


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