Medi Therapie now offers oxygen therapy together with our medical ionising and biophoton therapies.

Why is Oxygen Therapy Beneficial?

oxygen feed

Most of us in urban environments are not getting optimal levels of oxygen in our everyday lives. And this is a fundamental need for everyone! Oxygen, which our bodies need for metabolism (life!), usually forms about 20.95% of the composition of “normal” dry air. In the middle of very polluted, smoggy cities, this concentration can drop (reportedly to as low as 12%).

We may find ourselves breathless in places with bad air. On a milder level, laboring to breathe can make us feel fatigued, and put a long-term strain on our bodies, increasing our susceptibility to serious illness.

How Does Our Oxygen Therapy Work?


The oxygen machine at Medi Therapie splits distilled water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen, creating an air feed (delivered via cannula) that is 27% oxygen, 73% hydrogen. We’ve had users with chronic pain issues reporting some relief after just one treatment. (Of course, individual results will always vary!)

What conditions or diseases may be helped with oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapies have been shown to be effective in treating many health conditions, including infectious diseases, cancer, respiratory problems, heart conditions, fatigue, headaches, multiple sclerosis and conditions involving the skin and eyes.

Oxygen Therapy for Cancer

Low oxygen and high acidity create conditions in which  cancer cells thrive; boosting the body’s oxygen and alkaline levels can help to slow or prevent cancer. This was suspected as early as 1931 when Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for his work on what causes cells to become cancerous.
“Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (lacking in oxygen) cell respiration.”

Oxygen Therapy for Heart conditions

The heart does less work when more oxygen is already circulating through the body.

Oxygen Therapy for Respiratory illnesses

Those with decreased lung capacity due to respiratory weaknesses and/or environmental allergies will breathe a little easier and have symptoms of oxygen lack (headache, shortness of breath) alleviated.

Ready for your session?

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