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rochway blueberry

Rochway Organic Blueberry Probiotic Punch


Rochway Blueberry and Paw Paw Punch contains the antioxidant goodness of Blueberries and the probiotic properties of fermented papaya combined in a delicious punch to support your health and wellbeing.

  • Makes 3 litres
Rochway Berry Boost

Rochway Probiotic Berry Boost


Rochway’s Organic Berry Boost and Manuka honey with 5 billion good bacteria is a tasty, fun sherbet probiotic powderthat you place in your mouth and dissolve with your saliva. Both children and parents can now enjoy the magic benefits of berries, fruit and probiotics. 1 Teaspoon of probiotic sherbet is the anti-oxidant equivalent to a handful of blueberries and the goodness of 1 litre of yoghurt .