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AllerTrex® is a natural respiratory support product that uses a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils to encourage lung, sinus, and respiratory tract health.

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What is a Lung Cleanse?

A lung cleanse is a natural procedure designed to detoxify, cleanse and refresh the delicate respiratory linings of the bronchial passages and lungs by purging them of built up environmental toxins, harmful organisms and accumulated irritants. Cleansing the lungs is something that should be done on a regular basis due to the declining quality of indoor and outdoor air. The toxic air we breathe puts all of our lungs and respiratory tracts in danger. By using an all natural lung cleansing spray on a regular basis you can assist your lungs in cleansing these compounds, which in turn will support normal respiratory function.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Lung Cleansing

  1. Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors. This impacts lung health way more than outdoor air.
  2. Indoor air may have toxic chemical concentrations of up to 100 times higher than outdoor air!
  3. Over 35 million people in the U.S. alone have some form of chronic lung disease.
  4. 50% of all illness, according to the American College of Allergies, is caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution.
  5. A 2007 report stated that scientists found a direct correlation between depression and a high concentration of mold in households.

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask about Lung Cleansing

1. Are there any side effects from taking AllerTrex®?

We have not had any customers complain of any side effects from taking AllerTrex®.

2. Is AllerTrex® good for sore throats or sinus congestion?

The herbs contained in AllerTrex® have been researched extensively for their ability to soothe sore throats and promoting upper respiratory health.

3. What time of day should I use AllerTrex®?

AllerTrex® can be used anytime during the day to assist breathing or when respiratory conditions are present. It is great to use when you awake in the morning and also before bedtime. People report better sleep and support for snoring when taken before bed.

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