Purtier Placenta Fifth Edition


PURTIER Placenta is formulated using carefully chosen fresh Deer Placenta which is rich in nutrients and active live cells. New Zealand is specially selected as the origin production country of PURTIER Placenta as it is widely known to be one of the least polluted places on earth.

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The capsule is a breakthrough of current technology limitation, containing 10,000mg of Deer Placenta, and is made up of a 50:1 high concentration ratio. Furthermore, with the addition of Dendrobium in the latest edition, every capsule now contains 10 precious nutrients required by the body, greatly enhancing the efficacy of PURTIER Placenta, making it a unique and precious health supplement! Staying true to its purpose and continually improving its formula, PURTIER Placenta provides the ultimate care for your health and reverses the passage of time.

Active Ingredients

Deer Placenta

(50:1) 200mg Deer Placenta is very similar to the human placenta in terms of chemical and biological construction, which is widely accepted as the main source of placenta today. The deer or “Divine Creature” is perceived to be a valuable animal, thus food related to the deer is also considered to be nutritious tonics. In the history of Chinese medicine, body organs of the deer (like pizzle, testicles, blood, velvet, heart and tail) are regarded as rare medicinal herbs.


20mg Daozang (also known as “Taoist Canon”), a widely collected treasury that includes ritual, medicine and health care, astronomy and geography, and the teaching of various masters more than a millennium ago, has listed Dendrobium as one of the “Top 9 Chinese Immortality Herbs” in its medical texts. Dendrobium has a very high value because it is only grown on cliffs and is difficult to obtain. Moreover, the herb has a long growth period and is extremely rare. Dendrobium is effective in combating fatigue, promoting blood circulation, dilating blood vessels, helping to lubricate joints, nourishing the stomach and moistening the lungs. Dendrobium also contains various trace elements that provide extensive and comprehensive anti-aging effect on human body.



50mg Widely known as super antioxidants, these natural carotenoids help to delay aging and are essential ingredients in health and beauty products today.

mangosteen xanthone


5mg Extracted from the biological active ingredients of the mangosteen, Xanthone contains a wealth of plant nutrients and has powerful antioxidant properties.


Marine Collagen

100mg Natural extracts from marine organisms, Marine Collagen has the most complete 18 types of amino acids which help to boost immunity and maintain youthful skin.



100mg Extracted from the liver of sharks residing deep in the ocean, Squalene provides oxygen to the cells, actively repairs damaged cells, and promote longevity.


Evening Primrose Oil

200mg Rich in vitamins and minerals, Evening Primrose Oil regulates vitality, promotes metabolism, and helps to maintain body functions and good health.


Borage Oil

100mg Borage oil improves the condition of the skin, prevents diabetes caused by damage to the nervous system, maintains the cholesterol level in the blood pressure and lowers blood pressure.


Aloe Vera

(200:1) – 10mg Aloe Vera is rich in substances, nutrient and nutrition complexes required by the body, namely amino acids, active enzymes and vitamins.


Avocado Oil

100mg Avocado oil is rich in β-carotene and potassium, provides fatty acids required by the body, and contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Why do we choose PURTIER Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta contains specially selected fresh Deer Placenta live cells and deer protein that have good bio-compatibility with human body. PURTIER Placenta is specially sourced and produced in the clean and green environment of New Zealand rather than Europe, where outbreaks of diseases such as foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease are a serious concern.

What is Live-Cell Therapy?

In the past, the rich and famous spared no effort in travelling to Switzerland for (sheep) placenta injection to remain young and beautiful. This is the secret of the rich and famous to maintain their vitality, beauty and youth. Although results are significant, the injections have to be done at professional clinics, and cost at least USD 30,000. As this type of placenta requires fresh, sterilised and frozen placenta, the efficacy period is generally shorter.

With the continual development of production technology, Freeze-Drying Technology could now be used to preserve the placenta’s active ingredients. Coupled with a good storage method, these active ingredients could be maintained for up to 3 to 4 years. The unique ingredients ingested into the body must remain “active” in order to boost metabolism and strengthen our body.

Which is better, PURTIER Placenta or placenta injection?

Placenta injections must be carried out under the supervision of medical staff, because it might result in allergic reactions, shock, infections and other complications.

Placenta injection in Switzerland is tailored to individual needs. Although there is a demand for placenta injections, only the wealthy are able to afford it. On the other hand, not only does PURTIER Placenta have similar significant results, it is also suitable and accessible to everyone. Furthermore, the cost of PURTIER Placenta is much lower.

What is the difference between normal placenta and PURTIER Placenta?

PURTIER Placenta is extracted from fresh Deer Placenta, and rich in nutrients and active factors. These unique active ingredients are effective in maintaining optimal health.

Normal placenta is usually in the form of powder. It no longer contains any active ingredients after being processed under high temperature. Thus, the efficacy of PURTIER Placenta is definitely superior to normal placenta.

Why do we need to consume PURTIER Placenta?

The aging process begins from the moment we are born. In fact, mankind has the potential to live up to 120 years old. However, we succumb to premature aging and diseases due to factors like unhealthy lifestyle, diet, environmental pollution and stress.

Bad living habits cause the body to produce a large number of free radicals. Besides destroying body cells and tissues, free radicals are also the source of aging. PURTIER Placenta effectively boosts metabolism, adjusts the constitution, and maintains good health and youthfulness.

How does PURTIER Placenta work?

PURTIER Placenta contains live cells that boosts the growth and functions of existing body tissues. The live cells also activate “dormant” cells in the body and create new synapse and connective tissues. PURTIER Placenta is a non-toxic health supplement which improves body functions.

How does the body absorb the precious nutrients in the placenta?

As PURTIER Placenta is produced using cutting-edge technology, the precious nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. The unique Emulsification Technology adopted during the production process enables larger molecules to be fully absorbed into body.

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