Reduce urinary frequency naturally.

Many people suffer from unusually high urinary frequency. The problem can be caused by many conditions, all of which may result in a decreased quality of life because of frequent bathroom trips or interrupted sleep.

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SagaPro is a clinically studied herbal supplement that reduces urinary frequency in people with low bladder capacity. It’s useful for many groups of people; namely those suffering from bladder problems like an overactive bladder (OAB), sometimes referred to as “irritable bladder” and prostate enlargement (which can lead to bladder problems). There have been excellent results from bed-wetters, as well as from MS patients who may suffer from bladder paralysis or neurogenic bladder.

Traditional herb becomes modern bladder supplement

SagaPro owes its existence to research conducted within the University of Iceland into the country’s many indigenous medicinal herbs. Researchers discovered many potential medicinal compounds in several traditional medicinal herbs. They began investigating possible medical uses and then a pilot study of angelica leaf showed promising potential in reducing urinary frequency in middle-aged men. The product became popular, and with time not only men were using it successfully; women were trying it out as well and with good results.


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