The Truth About Air Electricity & Health


Your next breath is positively counting on it: The healing properties of negative ions are all around us, but modern pollution has tipped the balance of nature, threatening our health as well as understanding of what it truly means to breathe fresh air.

Rosalind Tan’s new book, “The Truth About Air Electricity & Health,” helps readers breathe easier with an insightful and decisive exploration of the healing power of fresh air—why we need it, how to use ionization to get more of it.

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A guide on the use of air ionization and other natural approaches for 21st century health issues

From a simple light switch to a computer hard drive and screen, the beating of our hearts and even the air that we breathe, electricity powers all that we do, governing the expediency in which we live and oftentimes our quality of life. In her new book, “The Truth About Air Electricity & Health,” Tan, a first-time author and elementary school teacher turned health researcher  poignantly explores the connection between health and the quality of air.

Negative ions, the book explains, are healing, life-sustaining, electrically charged air molecules that our bodies crave. When we become ill, many of us accept the perceived hand of cards dealt as an unchangeable fate. But many common ills, claims Tan, such as asthma, allergies, fatigue, migraine headaches and ADHD among others, are either the direct result of, or exacerbated by, breathing polluted air with distorted air electricity. The book offers up easy-to-follow advice “on how to improve our health and well being through providing ionized, health-giving air in our internal environment, and through other natural means.”

About the Author

Rosalind Tan is the author of The Truth about Air Electricity & Health, A Guide on The Use of Air Ionization & Other Natural Approaches for 21st century Health Issues. Home schooling mum and elementary school teacher turned health researcher, educator and entrepreneur, Rosalind now runs a business dealing with cutting edge air restoration technologies. She is the managing director of Dorea Pte Ltd which markets and distributes medical grade air ionisers throughout Asia. This enterprise brings her into close working relations with prominent ion scientists of our time and offers her opportunities to learn from the experts. She has the privilege to be mentored by the world’s leader and fore-runner in the field, Mr Joshua Shaw who is also the inventor and designer of award winning air ionizers, approved for medical applications.
Her defining moment in life was that instant when she heard author Craig Hill’s message about “The Ancient Paths” in which he explained that when we deviate from the established laws of the Universe, we will inevitably jeopardize the health of our body, mind and relationships. But the human race has so departed from nature’s immutable ways, that we don’t even recognise what “these ways” are any more, so we couldn’t return to them if we wanted to do so. With this insight, Rosalind sought to attain a profound understanding of nature’s ways and in the process surmounted many daunting health challenges in her personal life and the lives of her children, including autism, asthma, allergies, sleep disorders and recurrent infections. Now she actively advocates going “back to Nature”, which is the central theme of her message to the world.


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