WAVERIDER™ negates the effects of radiation exposure to living organic matters within a space of 9-metre radius. WAVERIDER™ emits MRET frequencies that can travel through space and even walls and re-balances the natural rhythm of organic matters into its own natural resonance – humans, animals, water and plants.
Your home or office will become a sanctuary that will help your body go into its natural resonance. In addition, the healing effects of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology will have a positive result on every aspect of your health and those around you.
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What is the WaveRider?

The WaveRider is an anti-radiation device that protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The scientist who invented it, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was awarded two US patents for this technology.

What are the sources of electromagnetic radiation that affect us everyday?

We actually live in an environment where man-made electromagnetic radiation is very pervasive.  Basically, electromagnetic radiation is emitted whenever electrical equipments are used.

Around the home, hair-dryers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, TV, computers, cordless phones, vacuum cleaners, baby monitors and stereo receivers are all sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Outside the home, we are continually bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from commercial WiFi routers, video screen displays, cell phone towers, radio transmissions, GPS systems, bluetooth and other electrical installations.

Those of us who use cell phones actually carry around a source of electromagnetic radiation with us everywhere we go.

What are some of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation?

According to Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand.

“Scientific studies at the cellular level…show compelling and comprehensive evidence that RF (radiofrequencies, which generate electromagnetic radiation) exposure… which are a minute fraction of present “safety standards” resulted in altered brain function, sleep disruption, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, impaired memory and learning, adverse reproductive outcomes including miscarriage, still birth, cot death, prematurity and birth deformities.

Many other adverse health effects have been found, predominantly cancer of many organs, especially brain cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and testicular cancer.”

What are the effects of electromagnetic radiation on our bodies?

Electromagnetic radiation causes our bodies to react negatively.

When our cells detect electromagnetic radiation (for example, from the cell phone or computer), they interpret it as a “danger signal”. Messages are sent to the cell nucleus, that cause gene expression changes.

These gene expression changes trigger a cascade of events such as:

  • changes in heart rate and variability
  • enzyme activity changes
  • proto-oncogenes are turned on
  • stress genes are turned on and stress proteins are produced.

The change in heart rate and variability causes an induction of heart stress condition.  When this is prolonged, this leads to a reduced chance of surviving an infarction.

Changes in enzymic activities causes changes in the normal cell metabolism processes.  One consequence of this is an increased rate of cell proliferation.  This in turn can lead to fetal abnormalities and cancer.

Another consequence of changes in cell metabolism is that it interferes with and leads to changes in cell secretion.  One result of this is that it leads to changed production of brain substances, affecting our brain functions.  This will lead to stress and stress symptoms, hormonal disturbances, short-term memory loss, learning impairment, headaches and fatigue.

Another effect of changes in cell secretion is a reduction of melatonin being produced by the brain’s pineal gland.  This triggers a series of disorders including mood disorders, behavioral disturbances, sleep disorders, disturbed circadian rhythm, and a feeling of permanent jet lag.

The reduction in melatonin also causes our immune system to be impaired and down-regulated.  This means our body’s resistance to sickness and disease is lowered.  It can also lead to blood disorders and asthma.

A third consequence of reduced melatonin production is that it can lead to an increase of DNA breaks, contributing to a disturbance of the body’s repair functions and chromosomal damage.  These may lead to fetal abnormalities, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson and also cancer.

So we can see that the long-term and not-so-long term effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation can damage various functions of our brain and body.

How does the WaveRider protect us from electromagnetic radiation?

WaveRider uses a proprietary, patented technology to counteract man-made electromagnetic radiation, by producing “natural” frequencies that “ride” on the waves of the electromagnetic radiation.  These frequencies form a field similar to that occurring in nature, which the human body has been long-accustomed to.

These WaveRider frequencies are natural, random and noisy, and the cells of our bodies perceive them to be acceptable, and therefore do not react negatively against them.  Conversely, electromagnetic waves of the cell phone, WiFi and other electrical devices produce frequencies that are man-made and constant, which are interpreted as harmful to our health.

When the WaveRider is turned on in the presence of cell phones, WiFi and other electrical devices, the resultant waves received by the body is an enhanced field.  This field is accepted by the cells as “normal” so there is no negative reaction from the cellular mechanisms.

This means that our cells, in the presence of the WaveRider frequencies, are able to function without the adverse effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

WAVERIDER™ can be used in many different settings. Here are just a few recommendations.

  • Protection at the workplace – Workplace with heavy use of electronic and wireless equipment and computers. Eg. Server rooms, workplaces near satellites and broadcasting stations, X-ray departments, transport vehicles that are heavily wired such as airplanes, cars and others
  • Protection at home – Homes near broadcasting stations or with a satellite dish, homes installed with wireless routers, and other numerous home electronic gadgets that gives out strong EMR. Heavy use of family members with computers, mobile phones, iPads/tablets.
  • Protection for the sick in hospitals, clinics and vets – Create a better resonance needed by sick patients or animals by helping them re-balance their body’s resonance so that they can heal and hasten the recovery process better
  • Protection of guests at Health clubs (spas, massage & beauty parlours)  – to return the natural energy to the body and calm the mind quickly