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gematria oxy immune 1oz

Gematria Oxy-Immune


A rich composition of 72 elements derived from sea water. Life evolved in the sea, which contains all the minerals and elements required for cells to function. The source of minerals has been well tested from a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified laboratory. This assures consistency, potency and safety of the preparation. (Was previously Gematria Immune Boost)

GHC AllertrexGHC Allertrex label

GHC Allertrex


AllerTrex® is a natural respiratory support product that uses a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils to encourage lung, sinus, and respiratory tract health.

GHC Oxy Powder

GHC Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse


Oxy-Powder is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that uses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify your entire digestive tract and relieve bloating, gas and occasional constipation.


GHC Renaltrex


Renaltrex® is an enhanced blend of powerful herbs that help cleanse the kidneys and encourage normal kidney function