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GHC AllertrexGHC Allertrex label

GHC Allertrex


AllerTrex® is a natural respiratory support product that uses a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils to encourage lung, sinus, and respiratory tract health.

RELTEC air ioniser

Reltec IG-E1J Medical Air Ioniser


Producing negative ions up to 5.5million per cm3 that are similar to those found in nature, this machine has earned numerous awards including one from the United Nations.

air electricity health

The Truth About Air Electricity & Health


Your next breath is positively counting on it: The healing properties of negative ions are all around us, but modern pollution has tipped the balance of nature, threatening our health as well as understanding of what it truly means to breathe fresh air.

Rosalind Tan’s new book, “The Truth About Air Electricity & Health,” helps readers breathe easier with an insightful and decisive exploration of the healing power of fresh air—why we need it, how to use ionization to get more of it.



WAVERIDER™ negates the effects of radiation exposure to living organic matters within a space of 9-metre radius. WAVERIDER™ emits MRET frequencies that can travel through space and even walls and re-balances the natural rhythm of organic matters into its own natural resonance – humans, animals, water and plants.
Your home or office will become a sanctuary that will help your body go into its natural resonance. In addition, the healing effects of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology will have a positive result on every aspect of your health and those around you.