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Accumag Power Sole


Therapeutic Magnet is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way of improving health and providing pain relief. Accumag has client testimonies that can prove that results were seen on the same year of using these products.

Aquaphor Prestige Water Filter Pitcher 2.8L


Effective filter pitcher improves taste and odor of your drinking water by dramatically reducing harmful substances found in tap water.
Pitcher has an increased filter life, easy-fill sliding lid and an indicator of remaining filter life for your convenience.
All parts are produced of food-grade materials and are BPA-free.

BodyGreen U3 vertical vibration machine

U3 is a stable and safe exercise vibration equipment, based on technology awarded worldwide invention patent. U3 is 100% made in Taiwan.

Whole Body Vertical Vibration (WBVV) has been shown to help you exercise, improve the endocrine system of muscle and skeleton system via the impact of gravity, and achieve an overall positive effect on your health.


frolov in use

Frolov’s Respiration Training Device


Frolov’s Device is a novel, state-of-the-art respiration training device–the most advanced device for breathing exercises in today’s world–featuring a full set of healing factors.

greenpower kempo juicer

Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor


This Korean product has been winning awards since 1991. It holds patents and intellectual property rights in 30 countries. Juices extracted using a Green Power Kempo can be kept up to 48 hours in the refrigerator (in an airtight container), due to the stabilising feature using far-infrared and in-line magnetic twin gears that have made this juicer an international award-winner.

panda FIR radiator portable

Panda FIR Portable Radiator (150 watt)


The Lovely Panda FIR Radiator (150 watt) generates enough energy to have a very beneficial effect on the human body.

There are many Far Infrared Ray (FIR) products in the marketplace – most of which emit 8-250 watts of FIR energy. Often the ones with the highest power emit a high temperature but their wavelength of FIR is not within the 4-14 um range, and is therefore not really suitable for the human body. We have found that many of them operate with a temperature that is too high.

We promote the following FIR products because they have been tested – to ensure that they do not emit any Near Infrared Rays (which can cause sunburn or other side effects). The FIR energy is absorbed by our bodies as heat. When this energy is absorbed into the depth of our bodies, it will activate our cells and promote metabolism. This is excellent for our health.

RELTEC air ioniser

Reltec IG-E1J Medical Air Ioniser


Producing negative ions up to 5.5million per cm3 that are similar to those found in nature, this machine has earned numerous awards including one from the United Nations.

sankom bambo body shaper

Sankom Bamboo Body Shaper


SANKOM® Slimming Shaper combines health benefits, beauty and body shaping into one medical innovative product. The shape wear is produced using bamboo fibres, a unique and natural textile material adding hypoallergenic traits to the original Swiss design. This type of cloth combined with its unique anatomical design provides a constant micro-massaging effect that improves the blood supply to the skin.

SANKOM® Slimming Shaper is very comfortable to wear due to a breathable fabric. The innovative design of SANKOM® Slimming Shaper provides significant aesthetic benefits. This includes flatter stomach effect, a cellulite visibility reduction, butt lifting that gives better body contour and perfect silhouette.

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Spynamics Sacro-Aligner


The Spynamics Sacro Aligner is designed to fit everybody from a body height of 140cm and above. It is a Self Help Tool for people with Back Pain, Migraine, Muscular Tension, and many other conditions. The patented design follows the natural shape of the human sacrum and lumbar vertebrae and when used properly can help to regain improved lumbopelvic alignment, muscle relaxation and improved nerve function.

Lung Flute

Therapeutic Lung Flute


Relief From Chronic Lung Congestion

Proven to break up mucus in the lungs, the Lung Flute is equally effective for both therapeutic and diagnostic use. Low-frequency acoustic waves produced when you blow into the device will effectively thin and dislodge mucus deep in the lungs, making it easier to cough up. The small, reusable, plastic device is non-invasive, easy to use, and drug-free.



WAVERIDER™ negates the effects of radiation exposure to living organic matters within a space of 9-metre radius. WAVERIDER™ emits MRET frequencies that can travel through space and even walls and re-balances the natural rhythm of organic matters into its own natural resonance – humans, animals, water and plants.
Your home or office will become a sanctuary that will help your body go into its natural resonance. In addition, the healing effects of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology will have a positive result on every aspect of your health and those around you.