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korean bamboo salt 50g Out Of Stock

9-Roasted Korean Bamboo Salt


A Korean speciality, pure natural bamboo salt, contains more than 70 essential minerals and micro nutrients. The alkaline salt has a high oxidation reduction potential (orp) and its alkaline nature helps to neutralize the acidic toxins in the body.

GT&F Nutricap


Regular intake of GT&F® can improve one’s blood glucose level and blood lipids–and give better control of fatty liver and cardiovascular disease. GT&F® Milk is also beneficial in wound healing and reducing inflammation. Halal product.

sankom bambo body shaper

Sankom Bamboo Body Shaper


SANKOM® Slimming Shaper combines health benefits, beauty and body shaping into one medical innovative product. The shape wear is produced using bamboo fibres, a unique and natural textile material adding hypoallergenic traits to the original Swiss design. This type of cloth combined with its unique anatomical design provides a constant micro-massaging effect that improves the blood supply to the skin.

SANKOM® Slimming Shaper is very comfortable to wear due to a breathable fabric. The innovative design of SANKOM® Slimming Shaper provides significant aesthetic benefits. This includes flatter stomach effect, a cellulite visibility reduction, butt lifting that gives better body contour and perfect silhouette.

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Sankom Swiss Diet Kit

Sankom Swiss Diet Kit


The SANKOM® Swiss Diet Kit™ contains Prebiotic Dietary Fiber chews that can naturally suppress our appetite. The soluble fiber, when taken with water, expands in the stomach and press on the bariatric receptors to send a signal to our brain that there is food in the stomach. One to two chews is enough to create a cut-hunger effect and is only 15 calories per chew. The SANKOM® Swiss Diet Kit™ can also be used to take smaller meals portion and reduce the overall calorie intake.